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Credit union accounts - Community First Credit Union


At Community First, we offer you a range of convenient, everyday bank accounts to save you time and money.

Our accounts

What do you need?
Our solution
  • An everyday transaction account
  • An account for students or kids that's free from account keeping fees

  • An account that rewards pensioners or retirees with higher interest than normal transaction accounts
  • An account to manage the payment of your bills and fixed expenses
  • A complete account package to manage my savings, paying and spending.
  • A debit card account that I can use as a credit card

Why bank with Community First?

  • No monthly account keeping fees
  • Access to 3,000 rediATMs- Australia's second largest ATM network where you can transact direct charge free
  • Deposit balances over $5,000 contribute to your Member Allowance which can help you bank fee free with Community First.
  • All deposits up to $250,000 are 100% Government guaranteed through the Financial Claims Scheme

Need help choosing?

To make it easier for you to choose the right account for your needs, try utilising our
product selector tool.

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Useful information

Becoming a Member

Our product Conditions of Use are available on this website. You should read and consider these Terms and Conditions when deciding to use any product. * All deposits less than $250,000 are 100% Government Guaranteed through the Financial Claims Scheme.
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