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Travellers cheques

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Travellers cheques - CFCU

Travellers cheques

If your destination does not have an extensive ATM network, Traveller's Cheques can provide you with added convenience.

How do they work?

A Traveller’s Cheque is a form of negotiable payment which entitles you to payment of the cheque's face value upon presentation at a bank, retailer or bureau de change. The face value of a traveller’s cheque is the amount specified in a particular currency. To cash your cheque you will need to provide personal ID i.e. in the format of a driver’s license or passport.

You can purchase traveller’s cheques in 3 different currencies and for the predetermined amounts below.

Available currencies

Travelex offers the following currencies of Traveller’s Cheque in a variety of denominations:

50, 100 & 200’s
American Express
Great British Pound
20, 50, 100’s
American Express
US Dollar
50, 100, 500
American Express

Features & Benefits


Our American Express Traveller’s Cheques are accepted at thousands of locations worldwide, including banks and bureaux de change. In some countries in particular in the US they can be used to pay directly for goods and services.

Safe & Secure

Traveller’s Cheques are more secure than cash and are a convenient way to carry money overseas. They are easy to carry, are refundable and are excellent for budgeting purposes. They are the perfect complement to local currency and Cash Passport cards. And remember, if you have any unused Traveller’s Cheques, you can keep them for your next trip - they have no expiration date.

24 Hour Assistance

In the case of an emergency please contact the American Express toll free numbers listed below. In some cases a local charge may apply. If you cannot find a toll free number for the country you are in, please call collect to American Express USA on (1) 801 964 6665.

Hints and tips

When you receive your Travellers Cheques:

  • Keep your copy of the Sales Advice / Purchase Agreement Form in a safe place and separate from your Traveller’s Cheques. You may be asked to provide it when encashing your cheques or if you require refund assistance.
  • Remember to safeguard your Traveller’s Cheques as you would your cash. If you are travelling by aeroplane, do not place your Traveller’s Cheques in the luggage you check-in, you should always carry them with you. When you arrive at your destination, please use a safety deposit box, if one is available.

Cashing your Traveler’s Cheques

  • When you go to encash your Traveller’s Cheques, remember to take your passport or similar identification with you. You may also need to show your copy of the Sales Advice/Purchase Agreement Form as proof of purchase.
  • It is important that you make a note of the numbers of the Traveller’s Cheques as you encash them. Keep this record separate from your remaining cheques.
  • If you visit an encashment location and they won't accept your cheques, please contact us, or ask the encashment location to, using the appropriate toll free number and we will help you straight away. These are also listed on the back of your Sales Advice / Purchase Agreement Form.
  • You should only complete the date on each cheque when you use it, just as if you were writing a personal cheque.

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Useful information

Becoming a Member

* Before acquiring this product, you should refer to the American Express Traveller’s Cheques Purchase Agreement Form.
Travelex Limited (ABN 36 004 179 953 AFSL No. 222444 Contact Number 1800 673 453) is the issuer of travellers cheques. We receive commission on Travelex products. Details of the commission we receive can be found in our Financial Services Guide. You will receive a Product Disclosure Statement from Travelex Limited when the product is issued.
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