Matrimoney – Wedding Cash Gift Registry

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What is Matrimoney?

The Matrimoney account is a thoughtful way for engaged couples to request the gift of money instead of presents for their wedding day, so you can get what you really need. It's safer and more convenient for family and friends and you'll earn a competitive variable interest rate on your money, currently


*Rates are current as at 23/11/20 and subject to change without notice

Information for guests

Making a payment to your couple's Matrimoney account is safe, secure and easy. To find out payment options and order a receipt card to insert in your wedding card on the day, search for your couple using the 'find your couple' search feature above and to the right. Now you know you'll be helping the couple get what they really need for their wedding day.

Getting married soon?

Just like a wishing well, you can open a Matrimoney account and have cash gifts deposited directly in to it, plus we'll give you FREE Matrimoney cards to insert in to your wedding invitations.

You can open an account online in 4 easy steps and will be able to edit your profile page immediately.

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