Receiving cash gifts? How MatriMoney works

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For couples

The Matrimoney account was born to make the wedding gift giving process easier, with greater benefits. Matrimoney is an easy, simple and convenient account where guests can deposit their cash gifts right to you! This money then accumulates interest over the duration of your wedding period.

The interest gained during this time can help pay for your wedding, honeymoon or any other expense at the time.

It's simple, and earns you money when you need it most.

Getting started...

Step 1
Open a Matrimoney account online, over the phone or at a Community First Financial Services Store
Step 2
Personalise your welcome page by uploading a photo, a message and the details of your wedding
Step 3
Order your free registry cards online, and post them with your wedding invitations

Receiving cash gifts...

Step 1
Guests go to to view payment options and order a receipt card for their payment
Step 2
Receive a free SMS or email alert letting you know each time a new deposit is made
Step 3
Use Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and/or Telephone Banking to view and manage your account

Your Matrimoney cards

Your couples profile

Your couples profile is a place for guests to keep up to date with your wedding plans and payment options. Your couple profile picture is displayed including wedding venue and times. Guests can select the option of a receipt card, which they can include in their wedding card on the day.

For more information about any of these steps, visit FAQs for couples, FAQs for guests or contact us