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For guests

If you are a guest who may be attending a Matrimoney wedding, simply click on a question below you'd like to know the answer to.

How do I make a payment?

There are three easy and secure ways you can make a cash donation:


- make a transfer via Internet Banking. Your couple's profile page will give you the BSB and account name, and you will need to use the reference number found on the Matrimoney card in your wedding invitation as the account number

In person

- visit your nearest Community First Financial Services Store and make a deposit via cash or cheque.

By post

- post a cheque made out to the couple to Community First Credit Union, PO Box 98, Lidcombe NSW 1825. You should view your couple's Matrimoney profile page to check the full account name and spelling of the couple to ensure the cheque is made out to the right names.

Can cash gifts be given anonymously?

Yes! When you make your payment, you can choose whether or not to leave your name as a reference for the payment. You can leave the reference blank or simply use 'congratulations' instead for the reference. Of course, if you would like to leave your name next to the cash gift, simply leave your name or family name as the reference.

If you choose to order a receipt card to insert in to your Matrimoney card, you can elect to write the amount of your donation on this or simply leave it blank.

Will I receive a receipt for my payment?

If you make a payment via internet banking, you will have an internet transfer receipt recorded within your financial institution's internet banking service. Receipts are also issued for payments made over the counter at any of our financial services stores.

What is a receipt card?

When you visit the couple's profile page and view your payment options, you can also elect to order a receipt card. A receipt card is simply a small card that we send you to insert in the wedding card on the day to let the couple know you have made a donation to their Matrimoney account. You don't need to do this but should you choose to do this, it is absolutely free.

How can I let the couple know how much I gave them?

When you visit your couple's profile page on the Matrimoney site, you can order a receipt card to insert in the wedding card you give them on the day. You can choose to write the amount of your donation on this or alternatively, leave it blank to keep the amount of your gift anonymous.

Is my money safe?

Yes! All deposits up to $250,000 with Community First are 100% Government Guaranteed. In addition, transfers made to your couple's Matrimoney account via Internet Banking are very secure as they are protected by your financial organisation's security measures. You should always double check you are entering the correct Matrimoney number prior to making the transfer.

If you deposit your cash gift in person at one of our
financial services stores, your transfer will appear in your couple's Matrimoney account instantly and we will issue you a receipt for proof of your transfer.

Matrimoney is provided exclusively in Australia by Community First Credit Union. As Sydney's largest community based credit union, we've been around since 1959 and are responsible managers of our member's money. Find out more about Community First by
clicking here.

Is there a cut off date for cash gifts?

No. However, if you are ordering a free receipt card to insert in the wedding card on the day to let the couple know your have made a cash donation to their Matrimoney account, you will need to ensure you make the payment within at least 5 business days of the wedding to allow enough time for your receipt card to arrive in the mail. If making a cash donation at one of our Stores, receipt cards can be issued on the spot.

Whether you choose to order a receipt card or not, It's a good idea to ensure you make your cash donation at least 2 business days before the wedding so that the transfer will appear in your couple's Matrimoney account by their wedding day.

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