Matrimoney Application - CFCU

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Matrimoney Application Completed

Application reference number:

You have now reached the end of the online application. You should now:

  • Notify the applicants that an email has automatically been sent to their email addresses letting them know how to login to edit their profile page.
  • Click here, enter the application reference number above and print a copy of the application.
  • Load the application in to P&R
  • Collect proof of ID. If either applicant is an existing member, you should STILL request proof that they are who they say they are. For example, by asking security questions or presenting photo ID.
  • Collect the $2 share from non-members (if applicable)

When ready, please advise the applicants of their new Member number and Matrimoney number.

Their Matrimoney number is the alternate account reference number.

They can login to edit their profile immediately from the Matrimoney site. Their username is their email and their password is the Matrimoney password they nominated in their application. They have been sent an email with instructions on this.