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Why choose Matrimoney

Matrimoney provides your guests a safe and convenient way to give the gift of cash.

Benefits of choosing a Matrimoney account for your wedding day

  • It's absolutely free
  • Get what you really need for your wedding with the gift of cash
  • Guests will be pleased to know they are contributing towards some thing you both really need
  • A safe and convenient way for guests to give money, particularly for those who need to travel or will be absent
  • Safer than a wishing well on the day which eliminates the possibility of money being lost, or worse, stolen
  • No hassle of returning gifts or registering a gift registry at a store that might not be convenient for all guests
  • Earn competitive interest on the money you receive which will grow your cash gift even more
  • Receive special offers on other Community First products after you get married such as home loans, credit cards, and travel insurance for your honeymoon.

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